Grin Tech Satiator 48 Volt Charger


Cycle Satiator Universal Programmable Battery Charger, 48V 8A model, plus Optional Programming and Adapter Cable.
Standard 48V 8A Satiator
Actual Weight (kg) 1.06
Connector(s) XLR


The Cycle Satiator is a universal charger for all types of e-bike batteries. You can program up to 20 custom charge profiles for any lead acid or lithium battery pack with a full charge voltage of 63 Volt or less. With 360 watts of charging power, it is over twice as fast as your normal 4 amp “Fast Charger”, and yet it fits in a smaller package.

Most lithium batteries are capable of vastly improved cycle life if they are not fully charged to saturation all the time, but at the expense of reduced range. With the cycle satiator, you can program your primary profile to give an 80% charge, and have a secondary profile that does a 100% charge when you need full range. Then have the best of both worlds, a battery that lasts thousands of cycles but still goes the distance when you need it


Includes a North American AC power cord and output cable with 3-Pin XLR plug .